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1, QS production license

According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "on the use of corporate food production license notice signs related matters" (General Notice No. 34 of 2010), corporate food production license flag to "Corporate Food Production License" pinyin "Qiyeshipin Shengchanxuke" the abbreviation "QS" said Chinese words and marked "production license." With the original abbreviation QS (quality safety quality and safety), expressing the meaning is different. Products bearing QS logo to represent the state approval for all food producers must undergo a mandatory inspection, qualified and labeling of food production license number on the smallest sales unit printed food packaging and food quality and safety market access into the flag ("QS" sign) to the factory after the sale. "QS" is the latest implementation of food safety signs, which is in accordance with the AQSIQ Sanding program to determine the functions of the State Council approved, based on "Product Quality Law of People's Republic of China", "People's Republic of China Standardization Law," "industrial products food production and processing enterprises and regulatory system "and other laws and regulations, as well as" the relevant provisions of the Ordinance trial production license decision, "the State Council on further strengthening the work of a number of product quality problems, making.

2, China Environmental Labeling

China Environmental Labeling is a proof of the flag as the official flag indicates the quality of the products are not only allowed to use the mark in qualifying, but also in the production, use and disposal process meets the requirements of environmental protection, compared with similar products, with less toxicity harmful environmental advantages, saving resources. It is this proof signs, making consumers which products are good for the environment is easy to understand, and the sound of their own health, to facilitate consumers to buy green. And by consumer choice and competition in the market, can guide enterprises to consciously adjust the industrial structure, the use of cleaner production technology, production of environmentally friendly products, and ultimately achieve the purpose of environmental protection and economic coordinated development.

China Environmental Labeling in principle according to ISO14020 series of standards and procedures specified authentication method, such as the implementation of the program, consistent with national environmental labeling program practices, while maintaining the international "eco flag" technology to synchronize, and actively carry out mutual recognition of environmental labeling work has now signed a cooperation agreement on mutual recognition of environmental labeling with Germany, South Korea, Japan and Australia, has become China's green technology companies across the barriers of a powerful weapon.

China Environmental Labeling priority species

1: International Performance Class

2: Renewable, recycling class

3: to improve regional environmental quality class

4: improving indoor environmental quality category

5: protection of human health class

6: improving resource and energy efficiency class

7: to promote energy conservation and reduce greenhouse class

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