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 Gentleman to self-improvement,The pace of history is always moving forward. zhengwang company from its inception, that is, quality assurance and environmental protection as any company to carry out a full range of environmental management, from environmental awareness and environmental quality of the staff to proceed, production through improved production processes, recycling and reuse and a series of measures to effectively control may cause pollution to the environment, to achieve a win-win economic and environmental benefits.

zhengwang company in the growing process, condensed into a passionate, confident, working together, to be creative and excellent team. zhengwang will forever carry forward and pass on to the people-oriented spirit of teamwork, with an open view and tolerant mind embrace the future and explore the infinite possibilities and play individual creativity, innovation, hard work, steadfast, dedicated, persistent relentless fighting spirit , and make greater contributions to society.

Wide sea diving, sky high the bird. Would be extremely Ling, list of small hills. In retrospect, with the glory and hardships; Looking ahead, the light and the struggle coexist. There is no royal road to development, innovation is endless. Nine of the units from the base soil; trip of a thousand miles begins with one step. Sit, the better to practice what you preach; road, though far away, the line will be to; thing, though difficult, certainly to do. We will continue the spirit of "customer-centric, quality of life, innovation as the driving force to the basic talent" philosophy, and always adhere to the "common development with customers, and partners to develop, together with staff development, with the times Prior to co-development "direction line and always use our wisdom and integrity, providing quality products and services to all our customers. In the future, we will persevere and continue to forge ahead, sound operation, the new starting point, to achieve a new leap towards evergreen.

Quality assurance and environmental protection is always our responsibility and mission. Customer satisfaction is always our goal. Environmental protection, is the theme of a new era, but also the human treasure of the blue planet home. Room Four Seasons Spring often, trees Evergreen, humans live in harmony with nature, is every one of us zhengwang biggest wish.

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